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Since I was a very young boy I had two great passions- Music and drawing cartoons of people.

To this day I still enjoy drawing cartoons as it is very relaxing and therapeutical to me. When I lived in Florence (Italy) I would spend my weekends on Ponte Vecchio along with many other amazing artists drawing cartoons all day long for tourists.

My biggest fans seemed to always be American tourists they were very generous and kind to me, and they appreciated how hard I was trying to speak english to them. I had so many questions about their beautiful country letting everyone know how determined I was to live there one day. Here is my story through the art of cartooning.

I hope that you will enjoy some of my work..


What's Available

1. Music downloads: Single tracks or entire CD.

2. Personally dedicated Giovanni’s cartoon prints available on 16×20 frames and as single 12×16 poster shipped directly to your home anywhere in the world.

Personal Message from Giovanni


All downloads of my original music are made available only to my online fans.
To duplicate or share any of your personal purchased downloads without authorized permission is illegal.


Thank you for your loyalty, support and understanding.


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