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Giovanni Marradi, born of Italian heritage, is a composer, pianist, arranger, conductor, recording artist, inventor and cartoonist.

Giovanni began playing piano at age five, the son of famed composer Alfredo Marradi and the great great grandson of famous poet “Giovanni Marradi”.

  • Giovanni is one of the most successful expressionist pianists of the 21st Century.
  • Giovanni produced and directed his Emmy award winning TV show “Giovanni’s World of Music “which aired on NBC affiliates, PBS nationwide and distributed by Warner Brothers Television.
  • Giovanni’s album “Because I Love You” won the 2010 Best New Age album of the year in Spain.
  • Giovanni’s album “The Romantic Piano of Giovanni” won the 2019 Best album of the year in Asia.
  • With a career spanning forty years Giovanni has recorded 190 CDs, wrote over 700 original songs and composed film music. His new CD release “PENSIERO” is available for his online customers only (
  • Giovanni has performed in venues all over the world and continues to tour, perform and teach internationally..
  • Giovanni invented and developed the patented “GINI MUSIC METHOD ” which simplifies the Rigorous piano music teaching and will be launched in the next twelve months.
  • Giovanni sold more CD’s on the Home shopping and QVC TV channels than any other recording artist.
  • Giovanni has scored music for several movies and national TV commercials including the award winning Bruce Willis’ Seagrams” commercial. Giovanni collaborated with Academy Award Oscar winner Ronald Schwary for the HBO movie “Two Soldiers Down”
  • Giovanni sold over twenty million CDS worldwide. Giovanni is an accomplished cartoonists.

While performing on stage at the prestigious “Palace Court” at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas Giovanni made many fans and friends, many in the movies and music businesses and small circles, including a long list of elite “high rollers”-  some traveling from all over the world to be entertained by Giovanni’s unique piano style.

One particular entertainer took notice of this young talent and a long-lasting friendship developed.

That entertainer was Frank Sinatra! Frank mentored Giovanni throughout the years until his death.

Giovanni continues to tour worldwide and will announce his 2023 touring schedule soon.

Director / Producer


  • Giovanni produced, directed and hosted his award-winning television show “Giovanni world of Music”
  • a 32 half-hour episodes Television music series, broadcast on television stations around the world and was distributed by Warner Brothers Television, NBC affiliates and PBS stations in the USA.
  • “Giovanni world of Music” was nominated and received several awards from the national Academy
  • of Television Arts and Science, the Telly Awards, EMA and the New York festival.


“The Gini Music Method”

Giovanni has developed a new and proven patented proprietary new music methodology (The Gini Music Method™) teaching music free from frustration, confusion and discouragement often associated with learning to read notes, clefs, sharps, flats and the confusing music symbols that are impossible to decipher.

There is nothing like The Gini Music Method™ anywhere in the world. This revolutionary new technology has entirely eliminated “Traditional music notation” making it simple, easy and fun to be able to play in minutes not years. The Gini Music Method™ serves as a learning roadmap to encourage anyone to want how to learn how to read music by eliminating intimidation, confusion, complexity and the fear of failure.

A message from Giovanni

Since I was a young boy studying the piano at the Russian Music Conservatory, I always felt judged and forced to have to mimic someone else’s fingerprint by practicing Mozart, Beethoven and all of the other great composers. I never understood or ever accepted to play anyone else’s creations unless I interpreted it as I felt it and not by following note by note of what was written. That is when I started developing a new music notation that eliminated all of the confusing sharps, flats, staff and symbols that are taught in the traditional music notation.

Nobody has been able to figure out a better form of music notation than the Traditional Music that was developed over 2500 years ago.

Until now…

The Magical Piano of
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