about giovanni

Giovanni is one of the most successful expressionist pianists of the 21st Century. ( Composer, recording artist, arranger, performer, inventor and cartoonist. One hundred twenty thousand CDs sold in one 120 minute segment on QVC! A record that still stands as one of Giovanni’s outstanding achievements. Selling over four million CD's during his appearances on QVC and The Home Shopping Network alone.

Giovanni also produced, directed and hosted "Giovanni's World of Music" A 28 TV series Broadcast on stations around the world   Distributed by “ Warner Brothers Television ” Both "Giovanni's World of Music" and Giovanni himself have been nominated for and received several awards from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. The Telly Awards, EMA and the New York Festivals His Specials on PBS are still being replayed. Giovanni has recorded over 150 CD’s and two DVD’s from his TV Specials. Today he continues to compose, teach, record and perform for audiences around the world. While in Las Vegas, Giovanni developed a close friendship with Frank Sinatra that lasted until his death.

One day Frank asked me what I wanted out of life.I told him that I wanted to touch people’s hearts as he does.He looked straight at me and said, “ I know that you'll do it. ” I can see it in your eyes." Giovanni is currently recording a new CD and is scheduled to be filming his next Television Special 2013.